Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Busload of Clowns

Fun weekend. Other than Liz not feeling well, but that meant that I got her egg McMuffins myself instead of both of us going to get them. While trying to order food still makes me unhappy (although they generally manage to get the order right), I found that I was very happy to have gone out that morning this weekend.

Busses in Shanghai are scary. Very, very scary. I thought that it was because they can get away with it, 'cause what police officer is going to pull over a bus filled with that many people. This weekend I learned that I was wrong, for as I headed into McDonalds, I saw the policeman wave down a bus, and the driver get out for a chat.

By the time I'd left with my order, several passengers from the bus were standing around joining in on the conversation.

Sadly, I have yet to pick up any Chinese, much less enough to know what was going on. I figure that it probably was something like the driver running a light, and the passengers being unable to poke their noses in to find out what's going on.

But for my Chinese skills, it's possible that he was simply trying to hire some people as clowns for his kid's birthday party next weekend. If only I knew more Chinese, maybe then I could have been a clown.

Of course, next weekend wouldn't work anyway. It's about time we make it back to the states, even if it's just for the week, for Christmas.

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