Monday, October 27, 2008

October Update

Liz spent a week and a half in New York City without me, leaving me alone in Shanghai without her to depend on when I got hungry and decided that the box of instant noodles didn't really look appetizing for dinner and that McDonalds looked much moreso. So I spent pretty much the entire time hiding in the apartment, playing computer games and watching TV. I did brave the world to go to work, and the once that I gave in and ordered myself a couple of hamburgers. Only because I can at least roughly say 'hamburger'. I didn't even consider trying to order my McChicken.

I did, however, decide that I had way too many free vacation days, and that I was going to go over my limit soon, so I took a day off the Monday that she was gone and spent an extra-long weekend not thinking about work.

I managed to survive the entire time without any problems, other than the next-to-last morning, or so, when Liz's father began to get quite worried about her, since he hadn't heard from her in several days. He ended up calling early to make sure that I'd heard from her and that she was doing ok. I woke up earlier than I'd hoped, but being able to do something for Liz's father, even just as simply as letting him know that she's ok, was worth waking up for.

In other news, we recently discovered the T.G.I.Fridays we enjoyed going to (even if they had no green bean fries) has closed, so to get our American food we had to instead order online and have it delivered. It tasted good, but it missed a lot of the atmosphere, and we're fairly unhappy about our favorite restaurant closing.

We should have expected it, though, as us enjoying a place apparently is enough to drive away all their business. Half a dozen or so different places that we enjoyed going to have all closed. Or, with the place we visited last night, merged with somewhere else. "Merged" meaning that the place we liked supplies the location, and the other half of the merge supplies the food. Thankfully they still had a menu from the old place laying around and were able to cook something from it for us.

We also have booked a trip; a couple more weeks, and we'll be on our way to the yellow mountains. Cold and a difficult walk, but it should be really nice for pictures.