Monday, February 25, 2008

Short Update

I didn't realize how quickly fires can move until last week when I heard shouting from around the office. Being all in Chinese, I was fairly certain that it wasn't work-related, but I looked where everyone was pointing out the window anyway. A few blocks away, smoke was rising from a many-floored building, flames stretching six or seven stories.

Within ten minutes the fire had risen from near ground level the thirty or forty stories to the top of the building. It looked like it was just racing up the exterior of the building, and no smoke was pouring out of any other windows, but it was still a rather frightening experience, to know how quickly fire can move.

In other news, I finally went to the hospital to see about my sty that refused to go away. It still refused to go away, so the doctor told me they were going to have to surgically remove it for me. So Friday afternoon we spent by leaving work early, and running to the hospital again. Having a sty removed isn't a particularly pleasant process, when they clamp your eyes open and scrape around to try to make sure they got it all. It's even less pleasant when you have no chance of communicating with the doctor to make sure that feeling is really the feeling you're supposed to be feeling during the procedure.

Nor is it pleasant to be unable to communicate to find out if that feeling of eyelashes in my eye is a normal after-product of having eyelids clamped open. It wasn't until I got home and removed the bandage early that I discovered the feeling of eyelashes in my eye was really because a whole clump of eyelashes was stuck under my eyelid. I was much more comfortable and happy after that. Even if I did have an eyepatch for a day, and a huge bandage for another. Oh well, stitches come out on Friday!

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