Monday, December 10, 2007

One Lonely Little Present

This past weekend was a relaxing weekend, but also a very Christmas-y weekend. I wandered out to take pictures on Friday of some of the Christmas trees around our apartment. There are a few on the street our apartment overlooks, so after eating some Thai for dinner, I grabbed my camera and headed out. Liz stayed home, so I had to order a strawberry ice cream all by myself. Yay for pointing and grunting.

Saturday morning we got a call saying that our Christmas tree was ready to be delivered, and wanted to know if we were going to be around that afternoon. We'd not ordered a tree, and were somewhat afraid that it was going to attack, but decided we'd just been watching a bit too much Doctor Who (which Liz actually enjoys watching with me very much, thank you).

I'd been thinking that I might want to go out, so we asked for it to be delivered on Sunday morning instead. When the tree arrived shortly before we left for church, Liz and I were pleasantly surprised. Instead of the two-or-maybe-three foot tree I'd been expecting, this one reached the light-switch, and was a gift from (according to the card) "Mon and Dad". Thanks, mon!

As promised, our tree (or, perhaps, Christmas bush) was already decorated. Although there were no lights, so when we ran to the grocery store after church, we made sure to grab some lights and a couple of snowman ornaments.

Our apartment feels very festive now, with the reindeer and tree and ornaments, including the ones we bought already. Then, yesterday, a present appeared on our dining table while we were off at work. We've got to go buy some more to join it underneath the tree!

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Tracie said...

Is this your way of asking for more presents??? ;-)