Friday, January 4, 2008

A Mazing Enigma

Liz and I have been incredibly busy, surprisingly so for holidays spent mostly by ourselves and away from the incredible business that comes with family gatherings. Christmas wasn't nearly as big a deal here--we ended up having to take a day off of work to be able to spend Christmas day at home, even. It was a really nice, day, though. Sleeping in a little bit, and then spending some time opening presents and enjoying each other's company before the cleaning crew came in for the day.

Christmas on a Tuesday made the week interesting at work. We worked on Monday, and then had to be back to work on Wednesday. But then, with New Year's coming up the next week, we actually had to work through Saturday, giving us Jan 1st off instead.

New Year's itself was pretty nice too. Liz's parents took us out sightseeing on New Year's Eve day, helping Liz and I to realize that we've been in California for possibly too long. The temperature was somewhere close to freezing, but I started to fear that my fingers were going to be falling off. It probably wasn't helping that I was playing around with my camera for much of the morning.

We ended up spending the morning in ZhouZhuang, a place that was founded over a thousand years ago. Now it seems to be filled with a bunch of stores trying to sell things to tourists, but it was still a lot of fun to walk around and keep from trying to freeze. Lunch was at a nice little place where I managed to get some really good Kung Pao Chicken (or however it's supposed to be spelled). But we didn't stay too long before we bundled back into the car where I got to read while Liz and her mother slept for the trip back.

We spent New Year's Eve as just the two of us, watching movies and whatnot. Shortly before midnight we heard such a commotion outside that we just had to run to our window and see what was happening--an entire throng of what appeared to be ants (hey, it's kinda' fun living on the 20th floor) had crowded around the huge Christmas tree by our building. We debated running down to join them, but it was too late. By the time we would have made it down, they would have mostly been gone anyway. So instead we just watched them from our nice viewpoint, and then enjoyed seeing the fireworks in the street.

Decorations are starting to come down from the holidays. The place we had lunch today had removed all of theirs already. Sadly I fear I'm never going to understand why there was a plexi-glass maze in front of our building that was always closed off. It had something to do with Christmas, I think, though. Why else would it have been red?

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Sandy Wilson said...

Cleaning crew??? You're getting spoiled!!!!