Sunday, November 25, 2007

These Aren't the Thai You're Looking For

Liz was sick for a few days a bit ago, so this weekend was my turn. The differences being that mine wasn't so bad (really just sinus problems leading to me blaming breathing difficulties on Shanghai's smog) and the fact that while I didn't get sick from Liz, she ended up having similar problems to me this weekend.

Hers just weren't quite so bad.

So when she went to her parents for dinner again, I wasn't feeling up to it, having barely slept Friday night. And when she went to play badminton on Friday with coworkers, I didn't feel up to it, so I went home instead. Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend wherein I left the apartment for meals and for church.

Church did bring another adventure, though. I was feeling well enough to go, so I figured I felt well enough to walk around some. Thus, we decided we'd try to visit a Thai place for the second time. Take the subway two stops, head south, then east, and then we should be there within half a block.

A dozen blocks later we hit the other Thai place instead.

Sadly, no days off for Thanksgiving here, but vacation's over back in the US anyway, so we didn't miss all that much, except of course for the good food and good company. Or the trip to Disneyland, as we'd previously planned our Thanksgiving to again be.

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