Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Table for One

I've been on my own this week, and it's been quite interesting. I've managed to get my own food, mostly by a lot of grunting and pointing. Monday was easy. I went to a place that had samples sitting out, so I could just point at the one that I wanted. She asked me something in return, but I hadn't a clue what it was. I assumed she was giving its name to see if that's what I was wanting. I just nodded, and ended up with the food I'd been expecting. Yum.

Dinner was even easier. Stop by the bread place, put some stuff on my tray, and then hand them much-too-large a bill, expecting correct change. I'm not positive, but it was at least close enough to count.

I then opted for an actual sit-down restaurant yesterday, but at a place with the menu translated in English, knowing I could again just point and get by with something I could eat. Of course, they sent a waiter that spoke English over to take my order, but I was already in the spirit of pointing and grunting, so I didn't have to do anything more than confirm my order. Paying my bill was fun, though, as I first had to find someone willing to take my money.

I'm not sure why a writing motion is a universal sign for "Check, please!", but it seems to work. Of course, after I got my change and thanked her (in Chinese), she told me "you're welcome" (in English). Why am I slowly learning Chinese again? Oh, right, so I can order ice cream, where there isn't a nicely-situated menu. No ice cream for me so far this week.

I'm starting to understand my numbers, and we've counted from 1 to 99 for the last couple of days in class. Who needs numbers greater than 100, anyway? There can't be more than that many things in the world, honestly.

I get to do lunch by myself again today, but Liz is feeling well enough that she should hopefully be able to join me again tomorrow. And I can go back to grunting and pointing in response to her questions instead of the waiter's.

In other news, I've added some images from the last couple of weeks to my web page, and a link to the gallery from here. None of our apartment or the view out our window or anything are up yet, but there are at least some pictures to look at.

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