Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not a Lot of Tuba

Two weeks, and it's not that nothing's happened. That's not why I've not been posted for the last couple of weeks. Rather, too much has been going on, and I've been distracted.

Work's been going well, getting lots and lots of stuff done. Nothing particularly interesting with typing on a computer all day, though, even when it is nice and things work out well. Meetings are required, but not worth talking about. But unexpected traveling certainly is. We hadn't thought we'd be able to go along last week when the rest of the office went for a trip to eat crab and see an old town. Since the office trip required staying overnight, we really needed our passports, and mine was still tied up in trying to get our shipment delivered. The trip left at four last Thursday, we got my passport back with little warning about one. So we ran to lunch, ran home, and made it onto the bus.

I, of course, didn't eat any crab. But that's ok, as Liz got to have an extra. I did enjoy the old town, and took lots of pictures, but still haven't really managed to get them onto the computer yet, so imaginations will have to be used instead. Until I manage to make some time.

Sadly, our delivery isn't yet here, although we're hopeful for this week. Just the last run through customs, and we should get it right to our doorstep.

Otherwise, in the last couple of weeks, I've had a few new foods, some interesting, some with yet more unexpected bits of shrimp. I've really got to learn the symbol for 'shrimp' so I can double and triple check and really, really, really make sure that neither what I order, nor anything else on the page, has anything even vaguely related to shrimp in it.

We also went to the zoo on the 27th. Without Liz's boots here yet, we didn't manage to walk around everywhere before feet began to hurt. So we completely missed the "Tiger Panda" and the "Wolf Panda", but we did get to see the pandas, one of whom was actually awake, and the lesser pandas, also whom had one awake. The difference then being that the big pandas slept on the ground, while we had to struggle to see the lesser pandas, which were hiding in the trees.

I must have played too hard, though, for the next day I felt unwell and stayed home while Liz visited her family. I made up for it yesterday, though, and spent the evening eating really good Chinese food and watching people play a card game I'm going to manage to understand the rules to sometime before we move back to the States.

We also made it to a symphony on Saturday. After getting confused and ending up at the wrong stadium (Liz pointed out that the symphony we were going to probably wasn't the one they were selling all of the glo-sticks for, but when we got there, I did see a couple of them wielded by two children sharing a seat), we finally made it. Several seats for our row/seat combination, but we managed to get to the right section (I hope. At least nobody tried to claim our seats out from under us), and greatly enjoyed the show.

That was a lot of violin. But I didn't notice all that much tuba.

Oh, and in other news, my Chinese class started last week. I hope I will have pronunciation well enough to not cause people to fall over laughing in a couple months, and may even learn a word or two while I'm here!

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Letseat said...

It just might be time for you to learn to like shrimp...