Wednesday, November 21, 2007

He's a Live One

We visited the aquarium this weekend again. It was much nicer this time, being a regular weekend instead of a holiday. When we went in October we got annual passes, but they had to have time to print them, so we didn't get our passes until this weekend, and found that they'd misprinted mine. The solution is apparently to use whiteout and a pen. I wonder if I could do that to change the picture too.

We also went to a performance by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra this weekend, which was very nice. We got to go to an actual music performance hall, instead of to a sports stadium, and may have ended up on live TV at some point in the two-hour concert. We weren't the only people excited to be there, either.

The conductor himself seemed pretty excited. He was jumping around all over the place, waving so vigorously at the violin section that he almost lost his pants. I still wonder what a conductor is for, as they seemed able to play along just fine while he held his baton in his mouth, using both hands to adjust his pants and keep them from falling off.

Or maybe losing one's pants is so common among conductors that they teach the "conducting with the baton in your mouth" skill at conductor school.

I think crab season is supposed to be ending soon. But Liz got to eat more crabs last night, and discovered that she learned a bit too much information when we went to Lu Zhi a bit ago. She still ate the crabs, though. I just had McDonalds.

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