Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Busy Week

I don't think there's ever nothing to do. Even before we got our shipment of DVDs and whatnot, we still ended up going out quite a bit to see shows and visit family. But this past Tuesday, we did end up getting our shipment (finally). Combined with the DVDs we got from Amazon on Monday, there may even be too much to do.

We found out late Monday that we were getting our shipment on Tuesday, and that they'd call back around 5 to let us know what time. This being after we'd previously been told that we'd be able to schedule any time we wanted, evenings, weekends, whenever. But I was fine with them picking the time as long as we got our stuff, finally (since it's getting chilly here, and I'm glad to have my winter coat).

Mid-morning Tuesday, they finally called us back, and scheduled the drop-off for 5 that evening. Not too bad a time, we'd have to leave work a bit early, but weren't going to have to waste half a day sitting around our apartment waiting for movers that refuse to show up on time. So we even had pizza delivered to our desks allowing us to work through lunch.

I was happy to see there wasn't any surprise shrimp on the pizza.

And then, when we got home, the movers were actually very prompt, and spent about five minutes hauling our boxes in the door. We could have had them unpack things for us, but we had little enough, it took little time to do it on our own. The only problem was figuring out what to do with the used boxes. We kept two. The magical used-shipping-material fairy came and carted the remaining boxes away from outside our apartment door sometime Thursday evening.

Other activities this last week: Wednesday we finished our unpacking, Thursday we ran to Best Buy (the one in Shanghai) to get some speakers, since I forgot to check the voltage on the speakers I shipped, we had dinner with Liz's parents on Friday and Saturday both. Saturday's dinner was preceeded by a day out with her cousin, walking around a park, and was followed by a magic show. And then yesterday, Liz had apparently had too much to do this week, and fell ill so she could remain home today.

Not that I'd have seen much of her anyway, as she no longer sits in the desk next to me.

We'd been debating going to see animals, but ended up opting for the gardens instead on Saturday. The park was nice, and I took lots of pictures, but still have yet to manage to upload any. They'll get here sometime. I just need to shrink them down a bit first. And the magic show was a lot of fun, being a magic competition, with nine different magicians performing, and the 90-minute show lasting nearly two and a half hours.

It's been a busy week. I want a weekend.

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