Monday, October 22, 2007

Well.. It Doesn't Look Greek

I thought I was going to get to start taking Chinese classes today. It felt like it was set up pretty last-minute, since as of Sunday I still didn't know when they were going to start and yesterday they asked... "Well, how about tomorrow?"

Ok, the sooner the better I figured. It didn't give much time to figure out when and where I was going and to go buy the books and all. Thankfully there were no books to buy, so it made that go by much more quickly. But I still had to try to figure out how to get there. Again, should be fairly easy, with the building being right across the street.

So I'm asked for my contact number and given a name and a time and told that she'll meet me and take me to my first class.

Time to leave for class rolls around, and I still don't know where to meet, but she's got my number, so I'm not too worried. Time for class rolls around and I start to worry, so I send an email, being my only form of communication, asking... 'uh.. where do I go?'.

I'm given the name and told to go to reception.

Five minutes after class is supposed to start, I'm waiting for the one person working at reception to finish helping the people in front of me. A bit after that, I'm trying to figure out why reception has no clue who the person I've been told to meet even is.

Fifteen minutes after class is supposed to start I'm back at the office and finally get the call. "Oh, sorry, class is delayed. It'll start on Monday of next week."

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Sandy Wilson said...

I hope you get to learn some Chinese pretty soon. So when we come you can be our interperter.
Ha, Ha