Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Missing Stuff

Moving countries can cause some difficulties. Some of them one might expect--not being used to the food and not knowing the languages. These big difficulties can end up taking your mind off of all the little difficulties that may crop up. Especially the little difficulties that you think aren't going to be your problem because someone else is taking care of them for you.

Or so you think, until your stuff is all boxed up and shipped, until your stuff is already supposed to be being delivered. You think it's not your problem until you get that email that says that there's the limit on media that they didn't tell you about previously, and that some of your DVDs may be confiscated, or your entire shipment may be sent back.

Then it becomes a not-so-little problem. And very, very much your problem.

But that's ok, you think, since you still have people that are taking care of it for you. There have got to be ways to get these things worked out. There's going to be some sort of solution. And you find out you're right, there is. You find out a couple days later when they email you to let you know that you shouldn't have to worry about DVDs being confiscated or your shipment being sent back. You find out even later, when things should have arrived already.

You don't have to worry about things any more. Except the solution. That has to be worried about, because it means it's going to take at least another 2-3 weeks before you get your stuff. And you packed expecting it now, you're out of books, out of movies, the weather's starting to get cold and your winter coat is sitting in a storage facility somewhere that is not your closet, but somewhere close by.

Now it's an even less-small problem. And even more so your own personal problem, as you start to think that maybe these people aren't going to be able to work things out for you.

We can manage with what we've got here now. If it gets too cold, we can go buy clothes. If we need books, we can go buy them. DVDs may be harder to come by for me--we tried to look for some yesterday, but I decided I wasn't interested in either (a) educational BBC shows, or (b) anything else, as they were only available in Chinese (or maybe Japanese, but that's even less helpful to me). And computer games don't seem likely until I get my computer.

Oh well, maybe it's a good time to catch up on my sleep. Or possibly it's time to write the latest great American novel. And when we go back, perhaps we should think about shipping by postal service. Or pure teleportation. I'll probably have worked that out before our stuff arrives anyway.

Or I guess would have, were I to have my computer.


Svirp said...

Sounds like our move to England. Took about a month to actually get our stuff -- most of that shipping time.

Silik said...

Except most of our wait time was not in shipping (which took 1 of the 5-6 currently-expected weeks). Most of it is in waiting for papers that we were implicitly told we weren't going to need.

I guess we could always have just accepted some of it now and let them confiscate the rest. Hoping they wouldn't send the whole lot back to the states. Or confiscate it all. It was kinda' unclear what they'd do, given the amount of leeway they would have.

Waiting the 5-6 weeks (grr) is probably best.