Friday, October 5, 2007

Lighter Load

It's been quite an interesting and busy week. Lots to do, and it's nice to have a holiday to do a bunch of it. We've moved into our new apartment, although we don't yet have all of our stuff delivered. Our place is fairly nice and large, and has a nice view of the city.

Tuesday brought us to the aquarium--quite an adventure, taking the subway in Shanghai. Getting on and transfered wasn't a problem, but you have to swipe your card again when you leave the subway. And for some reason it didn't like mine. I'm not sure why, or what went on. I just know the people that apparently were working there tried swiping it themselves, but then gave up and brought it to the desk, having them swipe it for me. They tried a couple of times, shrugged, and waved me through.

The aquarium itself was pretty nice. They had a lot of underwater viewing with a really, really long underwater tunnel. The only downsides to the aquarium were that it was so crowded, and that it was set up much too linearly, so you had to view the exhibits in the order they set, and had to view them all. No fair picking a favorite one and just going to see it.

Wednesday then we relaxed for much of the day, before heading out to see fireworks in the evening. A great dinner followed by borrowing someone's apartment balcony to get a similar view, comfortable seating, free drinks, and no cost compared to the people that had to pay in the park. And it was quite a long fireworks show, lasting about an hour. And I thought the four song show in Mountain View was long this year.

Thursday we again got to relax... for a couple of hours. Out for lunch, and then down to visit some of my wife's family all afternoon, and out to dinner with them in the evening. I still think it's quite interesting having meals with people that I still can't talk to. I'm trying to learn Chinese, but don't have much yet.

But that brings us to today. I used some Chinese for the first time, after ordering ice cream for myself (at McDonalds)--I gave exact change for ice cream at the ice cream window, so it was obvious what I wanted. That was the easy part. But I managed to thank her in Chinese. I'm proud of myself, and managed to make my wife laugh. It was good to get her laughing. We'd gone shopping earlier today, and as we were looking at puzzles, she realized that someone had stolen her wallet.

It takes quite a while to call credit card companies to get cards canceled. But at least with the time zone difference, there isn't particularly much of a wait. I suppose either thieves in the states need to sleep too, or at least their victims are still asleep at the time.

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