Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forgotten Drum

We went out to see a show last night. It was the opening of the 9th China Shanghai International Arts Festival, a dance show entitled "Dragon's Song". This after running around in the afternoon to get various bits of paperwork taken care of, so we didn't quite manage to get dinner prior to the show.

I didn't know what to expect. Which is probably good, as I certainly wouldn't have expected this. I didn't know it was the opening of a fairly big festival until after we got there, or else I may have been less surprised to have the half-hour of speeches. And may have even been less surprised to see all of the TV cameras.

But probably not. I really wasn't expecting to be at a show that was being broadcast live on TV.

I also wasn't expecting there to be a drum in a gift bag at my seat. Which I got to play around with a bit before the show, as we were instructed on how to appropriately use the drum and still keep from injuring the people sitting near you.

After the drum instruction and the speeches, the show actually started. And for dance, it was quite good. The music was a bit loud, but I got used to it. My stomach was hungry, and I didn't get used to that. So even though there was no intermission (being broadcast live, there were instead 'commercial breaks', and we got to see the commercials), we ended up leaving early and going out for Thai.

I was fairly sad to leave early. The dancing was pretty good, even though I wasn't really sure what was going on. And had I stayed, I could say that I'd played drums live on TV. But we didn't stick around long enough for the drum playing. And I was so concerned with not disturbing everyone else that as I snuck out of my seat, I forgot my gift bag.

Of course, being at a show meant we had to turn the cell phone off. And didn't realize it was still off until after the taxi called this morning, so we got to walk to work for a change.

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