Sunday, September 30, 2007

China: Arrival

We made it safely to China. I woke up at 7:30am on Saturday and didn't get to sleep until about 9:00pm Sunday night. Seems like a long time to be awake. Perhaps that explains why I felt so very, very tired for the whole evening.

The plane ride wasn't too bad. Got a bit bumpy a couple of times, and contrary to what the announcement on the airplane said, we did not get to see either "Superman 3" or "Rise of the Fabulous Four", instead being shown "Spiderman 3" and the second Fantastic Four movie. And here I was really hoping to see "Rise of the Fabulous Four", so I could see what it was about. Although I was somewhat afraid it was going to be a shopping move. That would have been fabulous. Really.

After four movies (also watching Fracture and Ocean's Thirteen instead of the stated Surf's Up!) and much too long in-flight, we landed, missed our exit, and drove around an obstacle course of pedestrians for a couple hours.

I'm so glad I don't have to do any driving here.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Today's the day, we're leaving for our flight in a couple of hours. It's been quite a bit of work making sure that everything's ready to go. We've done quite a bit of shopping in the last week--too much for my tastes, but getting a new game makes me happy, and things like shampoo may come in fairly handy, so we've got it done.

Getting to this point already has been an adventure, with passports and moving and a wedding and honeymoon. But now, here we are, and it's about time for this new adventure to begin. We're quite excited to be going, although I can't say that I'm particlarly looking forward to this airplane ride. Oh well, at least part of my shopping got me some puzzle books, and I've always got reading material. We'll see if I end up regretting not getting a portable DVD player--battery life on those simply didn't seem significant enough to merit the cost and effort.

I've entertained myself with pencil and paper for years. One more day, I should be able to manage. And if not, I can always just keep asking "are we there yet?"